Bad Bad Beaver HD

4.7 ( 3387 ratings )
Juegos Entretenimiento Familiar Estrategia
Desarrollador iPlayTones, LLC
2.99 USD

"Bad Bad Beaver HD" is an entertaining and fun strategic game with a clever atmosphere that will keep you and your beaver friends busy for hours and hours.

Our beaver friends have been very bad trying to steal the bird eggs from the heron. Your job is to stop the beavers and frogs from taking the eggs. Well reward you with 50 bird eggs each time you "poke" a beaver! Yes, you poke the beaver!


Poke and squash those beavers before they reach the nest and make your way to the top of the Leaderboard with the most bird eggs. As the level increases, the speed and number of beavers also increases. Your strategic poking skills will stop the beavers from reaching the birds nest and help save the baby bird eggs.

With animated flies and trickling water along the beavers wood, weve created a unique and stylized background track as you interact with the beavers. Filled with sound effects of insects, birds, frogs, crickets, water lapping and flies buzzing around you.

But remember...

Dont let the beavers get to the birds nest. Poke em all!



Sign in with Game Center and compete against your kids, family, friends, co-workers and the world! You dont have to worry about entering your high scores, because we take care of that for you.

Every time you poke a beaver, your score is automatically submitted to Game Center. Press the "Leaderboard" button and make your way to the top of the "Bird Eggs - High Scores." Its that easy!



Youll get so much more by "Unlocking Beaver Friends" as you bring the rest of the beavers and frogs to life. Purchase once and poke them over and over again.



Unlock to get super vibrant and colorful High-Definition Character Wallpaper images for your device. Set them as your background home screen or as your lock screen. With an easy "save" button, your wallpaper is saved directly into your Photos album folder. Its that easy!


Are you ready to poke some beavers?